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How Laceez Work

Laceez Australia™ are Easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Remove those old, regular, extra long shoelaces.
  2. Lace-up your new Laceez as you would with a regular shoelace.
  3. Insert our patent-pending aglets (yes, the tip of a shoelace is called an aglet) into the top holes of your shoe, and presto!


Benefit from all the advantages Laceez Australia™ no tie shoelaces offer:

  1. Laceez are Comfortable Laceez offer a snug-fit; our custom no tie shoelaces are designed with elastic that stretches enough to slip your shoes on, and fit snugly around your feet so that you stay comfortable all day.
  2. Laceez offer Safety When we see someone with their extra long shoelaces untied we warn them immediately because it can be dangerous. But with Laceez you never have to worry about your kids tripping over their untied shoelaces.
  3. Laceez save Time  Did you know that on average we spend 2-6 weeks of our lives just tying our shoes! Gain some more free time with a pair of Laceez. 
  4. Laceez are Simple There’s not a lot of moving parts! Laceez are straight-forward and simple to install and adjust.
  5. Laceez are Stylish No more dangling shoelaces interfering with the lines and curves of your shoes’ design. Laceez offer a clean and sleek look in many colors to match or compliment your shoes.



So you can focus on the big stuff.

Starting in 2013, we found a simple solution to the common problem, elastic shoelaces! After discovering the perfect custom blend for the flexible and putting together a couple of prototypes, we knew that this was the future of footwear.

By converting any laced shoe into a slip-on, you can become worry-free. Not only that, but you also get a very clean look without the laces flopping around whenever you walk or run. Your shoe becomes a specimen of sleekness that everyone who looks at it will admire.

Laceez Australia™ are perfect not only for kids but for everyone. They turn any laced shoe into a stylish, fast & easy, comfortable slip-on.

Once you try Laceez™ you will never go back to regular laces. We are so confident you will love Laceez we offer a 30 day money back guarantee!

Laceez™ can help to improve the quality of life for the elderly, people suffering arthritis, back problems and other disabilities.

We have found tradespeople love our laces, quickly being able to slip their shoes back on when leaving a customer’s house. Another popular use is for cyclists & triathletes.

And of course school kids.. Laceez™ make mornings a breeze, not to mention they are much safer, no more loose laces to trip over!

Laceez™ are made right here in Brisbane, so support a local family company and order a set for your family.

Laceez Australia™ laces offer comfort and ease, making everyone who uses them to admire their design and practicality and they are made to last, typically outlasting your shoes. 


Available in 13 colours, 14 sizes and our new custom size range, there is a Laceez Australia™ lace to suit every shoe.
Laceez Australia™ are an innovative solution to the problem that focuses on efficiency, comfort, and fashion for your footwear.


Thank you!

Laceez Australia



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