Sizing Guide

Laceez Australia™ Sizing Guide



Our standard sizing works best on:

  Standard 4 to 5 hole shoes

Types of shoes that may require a bit more evaluating for the right fit:

Shoes that have irregular sized lace holes or are narrower or wider than standard should be manually measured

  • Keds and Vans, along with various other shoes, can sometimes run their shoelace holes closer together, best to manually measure. 
  • 2 and 3 hole shoes – It’s best to manually measure to guarantee the right fit. Dr Martens shoes etc will generally require a custom smaller size
  • 6 hole shoes – Laceez can definitely work but best to manually measure
  • 7 to 8 holes –  Laceez can definitely work but best to manually measure

Hightops & Boots –  Although Laceez are designed for shoes, they can definitely work on hightops and boots but will require the user manually measure and if lacing to the top holes will need to be unlaced and relaced a couple of holes down to avoid breaking when taking off and putting on. Please contact us if you require more information


Manually measure to ensure the perfect fit. Here's how to do it..

  • Step 1. With the existing "normal" shoelaces in the shoe, have the wearer pull up and tie their  shoelaces to their preferred tightness.
  • Step 2. Mark the two points where the lace comes out of the top hole.
  • Step 3. Slide the shoelace out and measure the distance between the two marks.
  • Step 4. Choose the correct size from the list below (if between sizes, then choose the smaller size)


Laceez Australia™ Size Length in Inches Length in CM
XS 12.5" 31.75 cm
S 13.5" 34.29 cm
M 14.5" 36.83 cm
L 16" 40.64 cm
XL 17" 43.18 cm
W1 18" 45.72 cm
W2 19" 48.26 cm
W3 20" 50.8 cm
W4 21" 53.34 cm
M1 19" 48.26 cm
M2 20" 50.8 cm
M3 21" 53.34 cm
M4 22" 55.88 cm
M5 23" 58.42 cm


(Custom sizes available now, click here if you require a custom size)