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Laceez Australia™ No Tie Custom Elastic Shoelaces


Laceez Australia™ is now offering custom size Laceez for shoes.
All custom laces are made here in Australia to order, please allow 24 hours for us to make and ship your custom order. 

To order custom size laces..

Measure your existing laces manually to ensure the perfect fit. Here's how to do it..
Step 1. With the existing "normal" shoelaces in the shoe, have the wearer pull up and tie their  shoelaces to their preferred tightness.
Step 2. Mark the two points where the lace comes out of the top hole.
Step 3. Slide the shoelace out and measure the distance between the two marks.
Step 4. Choose the correct size from the list in cm

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I bought two pairs for my children's school shoes..