Custom Premium Laceez

Custom Premium Laceez

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Laceez Australia™ No Tie Custom Elastic Shoelaces

Laceez may look like regular shoelaces, but try them for yourself and you’ll realise that their innovative yet simple (patent-pending) design is nothing short of a revolution for shoes. Elastic shoelaces are here to stay!

The ultra-smooth quality elastic is made to appear just as regular laces (not curly, no pull-strings, no clips, no magnets, no bungies) and slides with ease into any shoes, the tips lock the elastic laces into the top left and right holes to offer slip-on functionality in a flash.

Why Laceez Australia™?

  • Easily turn your shoes into slip-ons: classic look, neat and stylish.
  • Forget tying, knots, bows, tripping: Laceez shoelaces lock in place.
  • Ultra-smooth quality elastic is non-curly and made to resemble standard laces.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! If you are not completely satisfied, return your Laceez within 30 days for a full refund!
  • Made in Australia

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Laceez holds my runners on lightly but securely. It’s amazing.
Best part ….taking my runners off is so easy …just push with my other foot an …hey presto there off.


Great fit and service, makes my lace-up shoes into slip-on. I work in a medical cleanroom environment and have to change my footware from street shoes to dedicated clean shoes multiple times every day. Laceez make my day less stressful. Thank you. ☺

Australian made wins again

Laceez were the laces my husband needed. Chinese laces are made for extremely small feet. Easy to fit and gives the comfort needed by someone who has sensitive feet. Bought two pairs which took no time to arrive. Only wish Grey was available in the longer sizes. Thank you Laceez.

Laceez Perform 100% With Sprinting

I bought Laceez to replace the laces on my Olympic Level Sprint shoes. Sprint training puts an extremely high stress load on the shoes and the laces. I have found that Laceez perform 100% when I am doing my sprint training. Laceez are an excellent product and I thoroughly recommend them

I bought two pairs for my children's school shoes..

I bought two pairs for my children's school shoes over 6 months ago. They aren't showing any sign of wear even after all the punishment they get. The colours are still nice and bright. I'm very happy with the quality, the customer service and delivery was fast.